Featured Author: Lucy Lombos

Lucy’s grandmother, Regina de la Torre painted colourful pictures and fascinating words in her young, absorbent mind. So did her smart and humorous mom, Elisea de la Torre-Enriquez.  Her memorable bedtime stories with them led her to become a happy and fulfilled mom-storyteller-teacher of three wonderful sweethopes and of hundreds of young children at Lombosco Academy, “The Threshold of Academic Excellence and Growth In God’s Love”, located at the heart of Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

Lucy plays with words and makes magic, using the figures of speech. The reason why she loves to write children's books, poems and songs. Her pen and paper attracted her to put her creative juices into writing for future compilation and ultimately share them to other people, particularly the youth. She would like to inspire the young ones, so that more lives will be touched or changed somehow. Hence she gives a contribution and an impact to the world at large.

She would like to be remembered as a Children’s Book writer, as well as the author of other literary genres.

Ang Tinago Kong Piso ("The Peso Coin I Kept"- Bilingual) was published in the Philippines in 2014.
The Class Lady Bug was printed in USA, in 2016.
The Star of the Sea: A Boat Ride was printed in 2017 in Canada.

She published a biographical book entitled, “Happiness 356 and ¼ Days” with 8 HapiNETS All Year-Round. Her upcoming books in 2018 are "Ter & Ter", "The Joys of Junior" and "Swanie's Bag". 

Catch up with her. Know her golden nuggets of wisdom and other values. Please grab a copy of her books. That will be much appreciated. :)

Her Literary Works: